How to Keep Your Stuff Safe In Preparation for Storage

Published on 7/11/2022

Storage Quick Tips:

a friendly woman in a self storage unit with an ipad in Malvern, AR

  • Bedding and Clothes -  Storing clothes and bedding should be done properly. Vacuum bags are great for space saving and also keep clothes/bedding from being exposed to any moisture. Otherwise, if not using vacuum bags, make sure you keep your clothes/bedding nice and neat! Fold everything and pack it in either wooden chests or trash bags. 

  • Fridges/stoves and other appliances - Storing appliances is generally easy to do. Appliances tend to be durable and can last with minimal “prep”. However, we do recommend cleaning all appliances prior to storage. This will help keep things nice and fresh! If you have an extra precious appliance, you can consider wrapping it in industrial plastic wrap. These wraps, also known as pallet wraps, come in large tubes and help protect appliances from scratches/dents. 

  • Silverware and plates - do people still read newspapers? Well I am sure some do. Now is the time to find one of your less “digitally savvy” friends and ask them for some copies. Make sure to wrap every bowl/cup individually so they don’t get damaged during storage. 

  • Christmas time! - there are lots of tricks for storing your holiday supplies. Make sure to wrap lights up nicely. Again, bring out the newspaper for delicate decorations. Wrap each one individually and consider a strong cardboard box that will prevent things from getting crushed. 

  • Storing tools, bikes and metals - if stored for long enough, all metal items will rust. So be sure to take special care of these when preparing to store them. Clean all tools and bikes and then treat them with any tool or bicycle oil that is required for maintenance. This will help prevent rusting.

  • Organized vs Disorganized Storage Units - Your unit is a reflection of your soul! Okay, maybe we take storage a bit too seriously, but still, a nicely organized storage unit is a thing of beauty. This is where boxes come into play. Dont skimp on the purchase of quality moving/storing boxes. Everything that can be packed in a box should be packed in a box. Also make sure to label every single box!

  • The joys of an itemized inventory - Okay, maybe inventory management isn't for everyone but there is nothing better than having your unit itemized. Tape the list to the inside wall of your unit and you will always know everything you have and where it is. 

  • Clean the big stuff - make sure to clean all your larger items before storing them.

  • Placement - make sure you have access to everything you need. This can mean creating a path in the middle of your storage unit. 

  • Breaking down your tables - While it might take a bit more time, consider removing all the legs from your tables. This way, even a very large table can be stored in a tiny spot. 

  • Suits, dresses and hanging other clothes - While vacuum bags and folding clothes for saving space is good for some items, there are other clothes that you will want to hang. In general, this applies to quality suits/dresses and jackets. In that case, you can purchase a “wardrobe moving box”. These special boxes allow you to hang clothes and protect them in a box. They can be a tad costly but are well worth it to protect your valuable clothes.

  • Separate Lamps and Lampshades

  • How to stack high - Build a good base! You can stack your storage unit as high as you want but make sure to do it safely and properly. Make sure to put heavy boxes at the bottom of your stack. You can also consider stacking on top of tables and appliances. 

  • Ready for the big move? - Okay, so you are finally moving out of the old house for new beginnings?  Make sure to be prepared. 

    • Get the pets ready

    • Get the kids and family ready

    • Inventory all your valuables and major appliances/boxes

    • Finish off any last minute cleaning

    • Do a final walkthrough to make sure you don't forget anything

    • Seal all boxes that are going to be moved to your storage unit

    • Label boxes that will be needed the day of the move - you probably wont need your book collection but you will want all your bedding and some clothes!

    • Make sure all your travel documents and IDs are in safe locations

    • If you are going far, make sure your car is play to travel cross country

    • Double check plans with the moving company to ensure they are on the way!

    • Make sure the moving team is taking your stuff to the right place.

    • Check out the ​​Most Epic Moving Checklist in the History of Moving if you want an even larger checklist.