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When going on a distance, or even in-town move, self-storage can be used as a tool to make what move run smoothly.

Onyx Self Storage of Malvern is here to assist with that process!

Self Storage Unit Malvern AR

For in-town moves, you can use the self storage facility to relieve the burden of having a distinct “moving day “.

We call this technique the "self-storage assisted slow move".

Using this technique, you slowly move most of your items into self storage instead of rushing on moving day. This way, you can avoid renting a large moving truck. Simply, take your time, stay organized, slowly pack, and then start moving all your things into self storage.

Start by moving the nonessential items: close, junk, extra bedrooms, extra offices. Then when it’s getting closer to moving day, start slimming down until you're left with the absolute essentials.If you want to move your entire bedroom you can use a blowup bed or even a single mattress. Some folks will have everything out of their house and only the minimum required items to spend the night. Think of this as your final going away night with your old house.

Then when you’re ready for your new house, you can go grab a couple things and move right in. It's fun to have your new house and not have it absolutely packed with all your moving boxes.

By utilizing the self storage facility, you can slowly move into the new house and keep it much more organized than having to cram all your stuff into the house and then re-organize it.

For long distance moves, a self-storage facility can also be useful.

Here at Onyx, self storage of Malvern, we have the ability to rent multiple units for a short period of time. If you’re moving to the area, you can move into your new house and have it nice and empty when you move in. That way you can slowly unload your self storage facility into your new house and keep your new Malvern house clean and organized.

But what if you are moving from Malvern to a different city?

For those folks, moving away, a self storage unit can be used as a staging area. Your move may be several months to a year away, and it’s nice to slowly pack up and get ready for the move. In this case, you pack all your nonessential items, put them in the self storage facility, and then you have half the job done ahead of time. This way, you’re not scrambling during the last couple days to pack every single item. You can’t beat the cost either, renting a self storage facility for a couple months is a low price to pay to make moving so much easier.

So what are you waiting for?

At Onyx, self storage of Malvern, we offer month-to-month rentals with no cancellation fee, which make using a storage facility for moving that much easier. Feel free to reach out to us anytime, we’re glad to help.