How Self Storage Can Help Teachers With Organization and Productivity

Introduction: What is Self Storage and How Can It Help Teachers?

There is plenty of data to back this up - clutter affects more than just your physical environment. Clutter can affect your mind and stress levels. Here the New York Times digs into the topic at length. The article discusses the physiological response that increased clutter can cause. Some studies have even directly related household clutter to childrens’ ability to develops. Simply put, it’s important to have a clean, organized workspace, especially for distractible children.

But why do we have so much clutter? The most obvious cause is simply TOO MUCH STUFF. Even the most organized of folks can become overwhelmed when the total volume of items hits critical mass. Organization is important but once you hit critical mass, no amount of organization can save you.

With classrooms already filled with children, books, desks and plenty of backpacks there is often a lack of room to store your supplies at the school. Self storage is an alternative to storing in the classroom that allows teachers, to store their items in a secure location with minimal cost. Farwell Mini Storage is the perfect way to get your classroom in order. Step 1 - reduce that total amount of things in your classroom! If you don’t need it, store it.

Making Your Self Storage Unit Work For You

Okay, so you are thinking of getting your classroom in tip top shape and wondering how mini storage (climate control or non-climate control) can help? Well, you need to do it right…

Keeping your self storage facility close to home is the most important

The key to utilizing your storage unit properly is to actually use it! You need a facility that is easy to access and close to your school. Farwell Mini Storage is located right off the freeway exit and close to Wilson State Park. No matter what school you call home, we are the closest self storage facility in town.

Declutter your storage unit as well!

Keeping your storage unit organized is key to making the most of it. Okay, so the whole goal here is to declutter your classroom, declutter your mind and declutter your life. But guess what, you have to declutter your self storage unit was well! Decluttering your unit will free up space for items that you actually need. Stay organized from the beginning and this will be easy. Consider making a center “hallway”. You can add tables, shelves or anything else to arrange your storage unit.

Some general tips to keep your storage unit organized:

  • Create sections based on the time of year - Christmas, Halloween, Valentines day etc.
  • Treat your mini storage like a mini “home” - consider shelves, desks and draws.
  • Put things in boxes! This will keep everything stacked nice and neat.
  • Remember those boxes I told you to put stuff in? Well make sure, no matter what that they are labeled. Studies show that unlabeled boxes are left unopened for an average of 13 years.
  • Keep stacking - remember that you can use as much height as you want.
  • Make your aisle in the middle and have everything accessible.

What if I already have a messy unit? Well, sometimes you have to seize the opportunity and get cleaning. Decluttering your mini storage unit can be a daunting task, but with the right approach it’s not a terrible task. We recommend the “flash unpack approach” - a technique passed down from my father when we used to clean the garage. Using this method, you take everything (or almost everything) out of the storage unit, then quickly repack it all but keep it organized. This method allows you to get things completely organized instead of just lightly tidying up.

Climate Control vs Non-Climate Control Units

There are several facilities that offer climate control mini-storage around Malvern, AR. Climate control can be useful if you have delicate items like fine art (macaroni art included!), precious antiques, musical instruments (like the Sax-a-boom), delicate books or vinyl records.

However, most day to day items are perfectly safe and do not need climate control self storage. We do recommend keeping delicate items off the floor however, as moisture can sometimes gather. Again, using shelving or a pegboard/drawers is perfect for this.

Is there anything that I shouldn’t place in my mini-storage unit?

Whether or not you have climate control mini storage or standard drive up self storage, you can store most things in your unit. However, we do not allow flammable, toxic or radioactive material to be stored. Also, unless you are the best gardener in the world, it’s going to be tough to keep any plants alive. Finally, no weapons or humans (including the children 👦👧!).

Conclusion: clear your classroom and clear your mind with Farwell Mini Storage

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