Important Downsizing Tips for Pet Owners

Published on 9/5/2022

Self Storage Malvern is Great for Helping You Move With Pets

Important Downsizing Tips for Pet Owners

Downsizing with pets can be tricky. Unfortunately, many pets are left behind by owners when they move. We can assume that circumstances forced the separation and that most pet owners really do want to keep their pets, but sometimes life intervenes, and pets are left to fend for themselves.

If you’re looking to sell your current home and purchase a new one, below are some tips from Onyx Self Storage on downsizing with pets that help ensure you, your pet, and your wallet survive the transition. 

Prepping Your Home For Sale

When it comes to selling your home, curb appeal is king. Consider making a few cosmetic fixes to the exterior, such as freshening up paint and laying down new mulch. Also handle regular maintenance that may not be as fun to think about, such as pruning shrubs and fixing cracked windows and leaky pipes. Focus on improvements that add value over time, so you can maximize your profits and list your home with confidence.

Pet smells can be the kiss of death for a home showing. Any unpleasant odor can affect the subconscious and influence decision-making in ways we’re not consciously aware of. Remove any signs of a pet during a showing, so prospective buyers don’t think they smell a pet when they really don’t, and hire a professional cleaner if you get feedback about any smells. 

Routine Maintenance Before Listing Your Home

A clean, well-maintained house can boost your home’s value — and it gives buyers a better impression of you as a responsible and caring homeowner. Consider hiring a professional home cleaner as an unkempt house with animal odors sends an unwelcome message to prospective buyers, who may end up viewing your home as less desirable. Think about repairing walls and floors bearing scratch marks from your pet's claws.

The Moving Process

Before listing your home, get a professional inspection and make necessary repairs. It's also important to declutter, so potential buyers can picture themselves in your home. When decluttering and packing, use it as an opportunity to create an organization plan for your new home. Develop a clear vision for what you want organized to look like. Then take your time to go through your things to decide what to keep and what to eliminate.

Temporary storage is often worth it, to remove as much from the home as possible while keeping it looking lived-in for showings. When downsizing, you may want to rent storage for the keepsakes and valuables, and to free up space. Onyx Self Storage offers several storage unit sizes at great rates so you’ll be able to store your excess belongings safely and securely.

Also, prepare your pet for the move before listing your property, so you can make a smooth transition into your new home. A few ways to do that include: 

Getting a Mortgage for Your New Home

When it comes to finding a mortgage, you have many different options. Familiarize yourself with available mortgage rates and FHA and VA loan programs before beginning your search. Talk to friends and family members who have purchased homes before to see what they suggest. Sometimes the best deal is your personal bank, but quite often online lenders provide better rates and customer service than your local institution, thanks to minimal overhead and the flexibility of online communication.

Your New Home

The first step in finding a new home is figuring out what you need — and don’t need — in your next place. Start by creating a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves. Perhaps you prefer single-floor living or you want a fenced yard for your pet.

Once you have a list of features you want, take a look at the local market. This can help you establish reasonable expectations for price and amenities. You can also see what the area features in terms of schools, climate, and transportation.

A new place can be scary for a pet, so bring old bedding and their favorite toys so the new place can seem more familiar, and they’ll get the message to go ahead and relax, because they’re going to stay a while.

Your New Adventure

The decision to downsize isn't an easy one. With careful planning, you can ensure you and your pet have everything you need on your new adventure.

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