Boat and RV Storage (25 x 12)

Store your boat or RV inside our secure fences and access them anytime!


A $15 fee is required to reserve a unit; this lasts for 10 days. Once you rent the unit, the $15 reservation fee will be credited to your account.

$40 $1 / month
Pay for your first full month and get your second month for only $1! This is a one-time special offer for your second month only.

Onyx is Here For Your Boat and RV Storage

You need a safe place to store your boat or RV!

Does your new boat or RV need a cozy little home? Worried about keeping your favorite RV nice and secure?

No matter what type of vehicle you have, Onyx Self Storage of Malvern has the right space for you. With 24-hour security, 24/7 access to your boat or RV, and our convenient on-line payment tool, we are the perfect choice for your storage needs.

A Picture of the outside of the self storage facility: Onyx Self Storage of Malvern Boat and RV Storage

Malvern Boat and RV Storage Features:

24 hour security and gates access

With state of the art 24-hour security and access to your boat or RV at any time, you can rest easy knowing that your prized possession is safe and sound when it's with Onyx Self Storage of Malvern.

Pay online for worry free storage

Pay online with our convenient on-line payment tool to be 100% worry free about your boat or RV storage. Simply purchase a storage space, monitor it anytime with our handy on-line dashboard, and know that it's always up to date.

Boat and RV Storage Accessibility

We're conveniently located 2 miles south of Rockport, AR and just a mile and half West of Perla AR. Our location near US-67/ Page Ave is close to plenty of awesome vacation spots and RV parks. Check out the best places in Arkansas to take your new boat. And the best places in Arkansas to go RVing.

Security Fencing for Your Boat and RV

When it comes to security, we've got you covered. Our fencing is designed to keep your belongings safe while also ensuring they're still accessible when you need them.

Personal Security When Visiting our Storage Facility

Onyx Self Storage of Malvern encourages the use of the “Noonlight” app during all visits. Noonlight offers personal security while visiting Onyx Self Storage of Malvern and anywhere you visit. Noonlight offers features such as their “Safety Network”: Where you can add friends to your Safety Network so they can request a check-in. If you don't respond, we'll help them trace your steps and send police if you're in danger and their “Advanced Profile” where in an emergency, Noonlight will share vital information with first responders - things like your photo, age, and medical conditions - so you get the right help, right away.

Suffice to say, that while we love boat and RV storage, we are absolutely obsessed with our customers safety and wellbeing. ❤️

Boat and RV Storage Lighting as a Safety Feature

We lit the place up! Lighting is one of the most factors when it comes to preventing break-ins and keeping your boat and RV safe. Onyx Self Storage of Malvern has over 20 solar powered, motion activated lights that keep Onyx Self Storage of Malvern lit up 24/7.

24/7 Access

It is a common problem for people to forget their gate code or misplace the card that opens their gate. With our automated gate code, you can access your boat or RV 24/7 with just one click. You can reserve your space online and immediately receive your access code.

Wondering about the specifics of gate access? Please contact us at (501) 229-1072 or visit our website at

Onyx Self Storage of Malvern | Boat and RV FAQs

Is the outdoor storage area secured by a gate or some other type of wall?
Yes, similar to our standard self storage, the entire boat and RV storage area is within the fenced walls of our storage facility.

How big are the storage spots?
Every boat/rv storage spot is 30”×10”.

I am worried about parking, how big is the roadway for parking my boat?
We have 50 feet of space in front of all parking spots. This is ample room for even the biggest tow behind boats to back into the spot.

Do you have “pull through” parking spots?
Not currently but we plan on expanding.

How tall are the fences securing the parking area?
Onyx Self Storage of Malvern has 6 foot fences surrounding the entire boat/rv and self storage area of the facility.

Can I access my boat and RV storage alongside my self storage?
We have 2 entrances to the storage facility. The left (West) and right (East) entrance. You can see both of these from the front of the facility. The right (East) entrance allows access to storage units 63-99 as well as the boat and RV parking.
The Right sided (East) Entrance to Onyx Self Storage of Malvern which is the boat/rv entrance
I want to reserve me space now, where do I do it?
Directly on the Onyx Self Storage of Malvern website, or by phone.

What are the closest RV parks to Onyx Self Storage of Malvern?
There are several:

1. Little Quiet RV Park, Malvern, AR. Located at Address: 371 Riveroaks Rd, Malvern, AR 72104.
Check out Little Quiet RV park. They are super close to Malvern and offer RV amenities year round.

2. Pinewood Properties and RV Park. Located at Address: 22767 US-67, Malvern, AR 72104.

Pinewood Properties and RV Park Malvern AR

This cozy owner operated park is perfect if you are looking to park your RV and stay a while. Call their owner directly at (501) 601-5649. They have dozens of sites to park your RV and some beautiful nature walks as well.

Does the boat and RV storage facility have a 24-hour security camera system?
Yes, 24/7, video recording is present on site.

What is the closest RV dump station?
See here for a detailed list of dump sites.

We recommend Arkadelphia Campground & RV Park which is free for Registered Guests or Lake Catherine State Park which is free for registered guests or $6.00 for use of the dump station only.

Is there ample room for entering and exiting your parking area?
Yes, we have specifically made our driveways extra wide to make it easy for boat and RV parking. Spaces are wide enough to easily accommodate most boats and RVs.

How does the facility handle snow removal?
We know snow is rare, but it does happen. We remove snow during major snowstorms. We make sure that your storage, boat and RV are accessible if you need it. Please give us a day or two for ongoing major storms. If there is EVER any issue, call us immediately and we will have our maintenance crew out there in no time! If you have any questions, you can also e-mail us at

What is your favorite type of ice cream?
That depends on how I am feeling, either Cookies and Cream or American Dreamcone. Superman if I am feeling wild. But that doesn’t seem relevant to storage, now does it?!?

Does the Onyx of Malvern/Perla/Rockport Boat/RV Storage site have an office?
No, we don’t have an office on site. Instead you can call us during business hours or book online 24/7. We can solve almost any problem you have over the phone.

What type of cover do you recommend for my boat or RV.
This is a big topic and there are many differing opinions. We will defer to Camp Addict for some thoughts, advice and recommendations on the best boat and RV covers.

What do I do if I notice something wrong with the facility?
Call us immediately at (501) 229-1072.

Am I allowed to store other vehicles besides boats and RVs?
Yes, we allow car and truck storage, however, we kindly ask that all vehicles being stored be in proper working conditions. However, no heavy equipment - like a crane or a backhoe, not that we had anyone try that ;) - and please don’t store anything outside your boat or RV (like gasoline, grills etc.).

What’s your policy regarding doing repairs to my boat and RV?
Definitely keep things clean! We highly recommend that. But, we kindly request that

I will be traveling for the next several months, do I have to pay for my space the entire time?
You have several options, you can either continue to pay for your boat or RV spot, or you can cancel your spot. All of our storage units and boat/rv spots are monthly - cancel your contract anytime. However, we cannot reserve your spot if you are not paying.

Do you have electrical hookups?
Sorry, not yet, but we are planning on adding more boat and RV storage in the future. We are considering adding solar powered trickle chargers to keep your batteries fresh! Feel free to email us with any other suggestions you might have to improve our boat/rv storage features.

Hey! My friendly neighborino parked too close to my RV (or boat)! Can you help me out?

Of course, we try keep the parking spots nicely organized but sometimes folks accidentally park over the lines. It’s okay, we can fix it. Just give us a call or send and e-mail ( and we can address and parking issues. If possible, note your parking spot and the make/model of the car because sometimes folks accidentally park in the wrong spot.